Best of Year - Congratulations Michael William Lester

A fantastic year for aspiring student Michael William Lester who recieved the 'Best in Class' 2012 award from D&AD for his HP animation entry 'Somewhere You Must Find'. Michael is a student from Westminster whom I had the pleasure of working alongside during the completion of the project.

You can view his portfolio here

Michael has a talented understanding of how to frame abstract strands of thought within highly personalised contexts. His working methodology demonstrates an excellent level of commitment to understanding the scope of content involved, his sketchbooks are rich writing exploring what is initially understood of the topic and how these discovered components relate to each other and function in a graphical context. Now that you have a little bit of background info, watch the video below and see what all this fuss is about...

Interested? Why not watch 'Somewhere You Must Find', HP Workstation on Michael's profile on Vimeo.

As his tutor on the project I also received a certificate from D&AD to commemorate my work with Michael. My time with Michael and the rest of the students on the BA Illustration course at Westminster has been a reward in itself, working alongside fellow lecturer Christine McCauley has been essential to making every scheduled hour, every email, every tutorial count towards each student reaching their potential.

Best of Year indeed, I wonder whats in store for 2013...

Best of year

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